daily wellness checks

Temperature and symptoms assesment will be completed upon arrival daily for both staff and students

No one is allowed to participate with any symptoms or if there is a sick family member at home

hygiene practices 

Requiring students to wash their hands upon arrival and throughout the afternoon

Washing hands for at least 20 seconds (will supply a timer) Younger children will recieve assistance with hand washing 

Will wash hands prior to eating, coming in from outside, after restroom and after group play

physical distancing

Incorporate activites that limit close interactions between children. Limited use of outdoor equipment.

Sitting apart during snack, homework and play tiime

face mask

All staff members will be required to wear a mask

Kids will be required to wear a mask indoors but not required when outdoors.  

shared supplies

When possible students will not share activity supplies and will have their own kit

When not possible gloves will be provided and supplies clean throughout the activity time 


All surfaces and areas will be cleaned at the beginning, during and end of the day

Will limit the amount of toys that are made of fabric and difficult to clean 

enrollment ratios

Enrollment will decrease

No more than 20 people per classroom including staff 

Currently only accepting weekly students

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